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Construction is a big theme in this trailer, we're briefly shown a sign for the 'Mile High Club', an 'exciting new complex' being built in downtown. The trailer then briefly shows a well built, suited male that could possibly be an aged version of GTA Vice City protagonis Tommy Vercetti. Of course since this looks to be set in the modern day we could be completely wrong. We can imagine Tommy going on to become a big time construction tycoon though, provided he didn't get shot somewhere along the way - he was a criminal, you know.


Another indication that we'll definitely be heading outside the known San Andreas areas comes from the field areas we're shown, where there's some crop farming going on. A plane flies over the farmer as they work and blankets theme in fumes making them cough. "You know how it is," says the narrator.

Next we're shown a bit of crime: a few guys dressed as pest control experts jump out of a van masked and armed with assault rifles. One of the gunmen looks to be the business man shown earlier. He's the only character to show up a few times around this trailer, which could mean he's our main character. It would be cool to play as an older, wiser, been-through-the-grinder criminal instead of another up-and-coming young hotshot.

The trailer also spends a good few seconds focused on a guy nailing a foreclosure sign into his front lawn. Looks like Rockstar's still got its finger to the pulse then.

Naturally there's plenty of San Andreas' seedier side on show here too, run down liquor stores, ladies of the night and even the homeless make brief appearances.


One thing worth pointing out is the down on his lick fella holding a sign. The scratchings read 'need money for beer, at least I'm not bulshitting you', but beyond that he looks a bit like GTA IV's Nico. It's the jacket that does it. Is this a sign of what has become of him?

Those looking for the fun factor will be glad to see the jet that whizzes by; we'd be very surprised if we're not in the cockpit, piloting it at some point.

A couple of seconds later and we're shown another character, who looks a bit too familiar, running from the fuzz. The vest sporting tattooed man could turn out to be San Andreas' CJ. Even if that specific person isn't him, CJ has got to still be around, so we're guessing he'll show his face at some point.

The last thing we're shown before the Grand Theft Auto V logo is the iconic Vinewood sign, modeled after the real world Hollywood sign.


From the looks of it we're getting something that is story driven in the way that GTA IV was, but also includes with the mini-games, freedom and fun of San Andreas. The best of both worlds right?

So, that's our quick and dirty dissection. Give us your thoughts and speculation on the trailer in the comments below. Oh and if you're wondering what the song is used in the trailer: Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Overture/ Afterglow (of Your Love). Enjoy.

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