GTA 5 trailer doesn't have Tommy Vercetti's voice

Is his reappearance off the cards?

Following the release of the GTA 5 trailer yesterday evening many eagle-eared fans speculated the voice narrating the trailer belonged to none other than Ray Liotta, Goodfellas actor and voice of Vice City's Tommy Vercetti.


However, the actor's representative has weighed in by confirming the voice didn't belong to Liotta.

Does that mean that Tommy won't be making an appearance? Not necessarily. He could have been recast and given a new voice actor. Since the game seems to take place in modern day San Andreas the character would have aged quite a bit by now, so Rockstar certainly has the room to get someone new in.

Of course, it might not be Tommy at all, he does bare a striking resemblance though. Have a look for yourself in the GTA 5 trailer here.