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Space Marine shifts a million, new DLC announced

Fresh modes, characters and skins on the way

THQ CEO Brain Farrell has revealed Relic's third-person shooter Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine has shipped 1.2 million copies worldwide.


The publisher also confirmed new downloadable content is scheduled for release in December, featuring another Exterminus mode titled 'Chaos Unleashed'. Players will be given control of the Chaos Space Marines and sent to war against the Orks and Imperial Guard forces.

Also included are three new maps, Station Tertius, Habs Ablaze and Aquila Canyon, plus additional boss rounds, new achievements and a new enemy unit called the Imperial Sanctioned Psyker. The Chaos Unleashed pack will be priced at 800 Microsoft Points or £7.99 on PSN.

Those looking for something a little more cosmetic can pick up new skins for Salamanders, Alpha Legion, Legion of the Damned and Blood Angel for 240 Microsoft Points or £2.39 each.

If you're really not interested in spending more money, you can grab the free Capture the Flag multiplayer mode. There's a little something for everyone.

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