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Is Dead Island 2 'Dead World'?

Trademark points to inevitable sequel to Techland's RPG

It may have received mixed reviews, but Techland RPG Dead Island was still popular enough to ship one million copies in a week in North America.

It's hardly surprising to hear then that it looks like the Xbox, PS3 and PC game's getting a sequel.

It's been discovered that the Polish developer has filed a trademark for 'Dead World' in the US, which suggests the zombie outbreak could be leaving the island of Banoi for the second game.


It's positive news for the IP, which initially suffered a troubled launch with bugs and other PC issues aplenty.

A PC Steam blunder saw a severely broken development version of the game go on sale before a secret line of code describing a 'feminist wh*re' skill for female character Purna was uncovered, sparking outrage despite the fact it never appeared in actual gameplay.

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[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]