US retailer selling Modern Warfare 3 now

Kmart's Call of Duty shipments arrive in boxes advising immediate sale

US retailer Kmart has reportedly begun selling copies of Modern Warfare 3 ahead of the game's official launch next Tuesday.


Kotaku was told by a Kmart employee that the retailer's shipments of the latest Call of Duty game arrived in boxes advising staff to begin selling the title immediately.

Apparently the boxes didn't feature the usual release date info they usually ship with, leading to early sales, copies of the game turning up on eBay, and videos of the title's menu screen and opening popping up on YouTube.

Activision is no doubt already on the case, but according to the Kmart employee, there's a good chance the game is currently on the shelves and ready to be purchased at a number of locations.

Two Modern Warfare 3 trailers launched earlier this week, one focusing on the shooter's new multiplayer modes and the other looking back at the key plot moments from the first two games in the series.

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[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]