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Our five favourite Uncharted moments

We pick our selection of Nate's finest hours....

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

A Rock and a hard place


We've picked this one as it's simply one of the best openings to a game ever, never mind the Uncharted series. Drake awakens on a wrecked train, bloody and battered ("that's a lot of blood, my blood") stopped amidst the snowy heights of the Tibetan peaks. In a trice, the train carriage lurches, doing its best impression of the bus at the end of the Italian Job and Drake's hanging by his fingertips, thousands of feet above the icy chasms.

Full of shocks, suspense and sheer naked terror, this is a classic nail-biting opening and proves Naughty Dog certainly know how to start with a bang. Full of falling rocks, bending metalwork and precarious handholds, Drake slowly inches his way up both the inside and outside of the first carriage, hurtles through the second and has to leap for safety before collapsing exhausted on the ground. Most games are happy to a handhold you through a tame, non-threatening opening section, but in Uncharted 2 the tension is palpable.

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