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Our five favourite Uncharted moments

We pick our selection of Nate's finest hours....

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Uncharted 2:Among Thieves

Lazarevic's fate


As Among Thieves hurtles to its climax, Elena is dreadfully wounded by Flynn, but Drake has to leave her with Chloe as he tracks down Lazarevic at the Cintamani stone. Drake eventually overpowers a resin-fuelled Lazarevic who falls close to the bubbling blue pools. As Drake stands over him, Lazarevic accuses Drake of being a monster and asks 'how many men have you killed? How many today?' Continuing to taunt him, Lazarevic says, "That's it boy, no compassion, no mercy. Do it! Do it!"

But Drake won't kill him in cold blood and Lazarevic screams, "You don't have the will!" 'Maybe not,' agrees Drake, "but they do," moments before Lazarevic is torn apart by the savage temple guardians. It's a cracking scene, playing on Drake's fundamentally decent nature and for a moment, you almost think Lazarevic may get away with his many crimes. But nature is allowed to take its course and it's a fitting, satisfying ending as Lazarevic's gets his just desserts.

We've shown you ours now you show us yours! Tell us about your favourite moments from the Uncharted series in the comments field below.

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