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5 games next-gen consoles could improve in 2012

A few games we think should skip the generation...

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If any series needs a kick up the backside it's Call of Duty, and we think new hardware would force the developers to move beyond the sub-HD resolutions and linear corridor action and push them to do something a little different.

Call of Duty is currently the biggest game on consoles, but we all know how vocal the critics of the series are, and we've all heard the claim that each Call of Duty is exactly the same but with new maps and guns. So if we had next-generation hardware, technological advancements made by other developers could make Call of Duty look archaic in comparison and will likely force Treyarch and Infinity Ward to step up their game if they want to stay on top.


In an ideal world this would happen anyway, but if a game sells millions every year there's not much incentive to mix-up the formula. A new generation of consoles could very well be the boot the head Call of Duty needs.

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