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5 games next-gen consoles could improve in 2012

A few games we think should skip the generation...

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Considering the fact that we've barely seen anything of Metal Gear Solid Rising, the team at Kojima Productions might as well save it for the next generation.

It wouldn't do the game any harm, and we think it could actually benefit from improved material behaviour. What do we mean by that? Well, say for example Raiden uses his sword to slice through a plank of wood, we want to see that wood break and splinter just like it would in real life. Currently, judging from the trailers at least, there's just a totally smooth gash where the sword cuts. In a game all about cutting stuff up we think that it's important for all the materials to behave realistically. We're sure you agree.


An interesting piece of technology called Digital Molecular Matter was shown off in an old Indiana Jones trailer from E3 2006 which showcased technology much like what we're talking about. It's just a shame that game was cancelled and the tech ended up in the distinctly average Star Wars: The Force Unleashed instead.

In Rising's E3 2010 trailer we caught a brief glimpse of Raiden chopping down some brick pillars, causing the platform above to collapse on top of some enemies. More destruction like this, please! Cutting up melons is good and all, but it just doesn't compare to cutting down some buildings.

Oh, and I think we can all agree the increased disc capacity of next-generation consoles should totally be used for longer cutscenes, right? Right?

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