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5 games next-gen consoles could improve in 2012

A few games we think should skip the generation...

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Tomb Raider is a complete reboot of the franchise. No more taking one step back from an edge to get a running jump, no more levels built out of perfect squares and no more triangular breasts. This is a darker, grittier and more realistic interpretation of the British adventurer (and her breasts). While we are excited for Tomb Raider, we think the game could have benefited greatly by waiting for next-generation consoles.

We haven't seen a whole lot of gameplay yet, but we think more advanced physics-driven gameplay would have a significant effect on the world and the puzzles. The puzzle at the end of the short gameplay video we have seen did already look somewhat physics-based, but we want more environmental physics effects. Old, creaky rope-bridges that rock when Lara walks across and caves that crumble realistically, bells and whistles that make the world come alive.


We also want weather that actually impacts the gameplay. If it's too hot, it should be Lara's priority to seek out water to keep herself hydrated so she has enough energy to traverse the environment. If it's raining heavily it should be more difficult to climb around and Lara should try to find shelter. According to its developers the upcoming Tomb Raider will focus heavily on 'survival' we just hope they're fleshed out and not just an afterthought.

Also we want to see Lara's t-shirt go through a constant cycle of wet to dry. There, we said it.

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