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PS Access Episode 6: Will the real Nathan Drake please stand up?

One lucky gamer wins the treasure-hunting trip of a lifetime

In case you've somehow missed it, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is in stores right now.


Predictably, it's great. While you were gallivanting across those gorgeously rendered sand dunes and thumping evil men in the face, hardcore Uncharted gamer Owen Dingley-Jones has been doing the exact same thing in real-life. Minus the thumping men in the face bit, probably.

By winning a special Uncharted 3 multiplayer tournament at the recent Eurogamer expo, Owen bagged himself a place on a trip to the deserts of Jordan, where he competed in ten gruelling challenges against gamers from across the globe. You can check out the video of Owen's epic adventure right here:

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Of course, nothing's going to keep you from Nathan Drake for long, so to get you even more pumped, here's Uncharted 3 starring as Game of the Week in the latest episode of Access TV.

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You can watch the full Access Episode 6 right here, and don't forget - Access Episode 7 will be available to download from the PlayStation Store today, free for UK PSN users.