Battlefield 4 - What we want to see

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If you bought Battlefield 3 last week, chances are you was eager to jump in to the multiplayer and cap some fools. Also, chances are that you couldn't. You couldn't connect to EA Online, you couldn't connect to a server, and if you did finally manage to get in to a game, you'd be kicked out soon after. We can't help but let out a long sigh of disappointment at yet another launch of an EA game.


The publisher claims the network outages and server problems were due to "unprecedented demand" for the shooter, but considering that they announced that Battlefield 3 had close to three million pre-orders, and the exact same network issues have occurred for the last three Battlefield releases (which EA claim were due to unexpected demand on the servers then too), you'd think they would have been a little more prepared. Obviously not though.

Makes you wonder what the point of the beta was. Sort it out EA, and don't let it happen again.

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