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Call of Duty Elite PC 'won't launch on day 1'

"The issue here is that the PC is an insecure platform"

The PC launch of Call of Duty Elite has been pushed back while developer Beachhead works to create "a safe environment" for players.


Beachhead studio head Chacko Sonny and product director Noah Heller explained the reasons for the delay in an interview on Activision blog One of Swords.

"Elite on PC will not launch on Day 1," Sonny said. "We're working our butts off to make it happen, but we won't release it until we know that PC gamers can enjoy Elite as it's meant to be.

"The issue here is that the PC is an insecure platform. Without a central, trusted resource for stats, a lot of our competition features become unfair. We can't give away prizes when people can easily cheat their stats. Leaderboards are less fun when a lot of the users are there unfairly."

Heller explained: "As Chacko mentioned, not being able to trust stats is a big problem for our design. Because of this, we had to re-imagine Elite for PC. Elite for PC will be about access to your own stats, or those of your friends. Basically establishing a circle of trust. And because it will have some reduced functionality, it will be free for everyone."

On the subject of being able to subscribe to discounted DLC through an Elite membership, one of the most popular aspects of the service, Heller said: "PC guys will be able to purchase their DLC content a la carte, just like it has worked before."

Sonny also said of a prospective release date: "We're working on it, but it is not going to come out until we've done a lot more work. At this point I need to say, 'It will be ready when it is ready.' I'm a PC gamer myself and I don't want to ship something to this community that doesn't have the polish that they deserve.

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[ SOURCE: One of Swords ]