Our 5 favourite Game Boy Color moments

Wishing a happy 13th Birthday to Nintendo's handheld

The Nintendo Game Boy Color arrived on these shores 13 years ago last week in Japan (21 October 1998, to be exact) and a little later in the UK on November 27. Though by that time, the more eager amongst us had already shelled out the extra to buy an expensive import.

This was a key date in Nintendo's history and development as a key player in console gaming - not to mention a hardware launch anniversary which shockingly ages some of us more 'elderly' gamers, before we go all dewy-eyed and nostalgic and start reminiscing fondly about how much Pokemon blew us away and how cool that funny little printer thing was... and... and...


The fact is that while the Game Boy Color, with its 8 MHzSharp Z80 processor, limited colour palette and its rudimentary peripherals seem amazingly dated in late 2011, it was one of the most important and (as it was quickly superseded by the GBA and the DS) often overlooked consoles of the last 20 years, for numerous reasons. We've chosen five of our top favourite moments that remind us of Ninty's first foray into handheld colour gaming. And yes, that's coloUr, with a U!

The Game Boy Printer

The Game Boy Printer was an expensive, low-quality portable printer to plug into your shiny new Game Boy Colour. The cost and the shonky print quality attracted a lot of criticism from gamers and games retailers at the time of the peripheral's launch. But the fact that, when you married the accessory with the Game Boy Camera, you could take blurry-cam style shots of you and your mates pretty much sold it to the fanboy faithful!


We've come a long way since these early (and expensive) experiments in using thermal printing in consumer tech and gaming peripherals, with new portable printers such as the Polaroid PoGo now available for £40 to print out decent snaps from your smartphone on the go. And no doubt we'll all soon have iPhone 6s with in-built printers and the rest...

But let's not forget that Nintendo led the way pretty early on, despite everybody laughing at them! You can still buy the printers now, if you really want one to complete yourcollection, although the paper's pretty much impossible to get hold of. However, truly hardcore Nintendo nerds out there can always relive the late 1990s glory days by heading over to the Game Boy Printer emulator page, to design a cheesily retro Facebook Profile pic for themselves.

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