CVG: Comments of the Week

More funnies from you...

Things were pretty quiet this week...right up until Rockstar released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, which sent you all into a mad frenzy of commenting.

As always you've kept us thoroughly entertained with your words this week, and not just on the Grand Theft Auto bits, you've been bringing your unique brand of cynicism, humor and wit to pretty much everything.

As is tradition we've gathere dup some of our favourite comments from this week and stuck them below.


Cut the Birds - The cheekiest App Store knock-off yet?

Well, Angry Birds annoy me, so a game where you cut them could be just the thing.

We're with youMD1500, we're waiting for the Angry Bird Worms clone where we can blow those litte f- eathered birds up..

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary launch trailer focuses on story

CVG you owe me a new pair of boxers :oops:

We owe a lot of people a lot of things christophalus, join the line

Porn star shunned from Modern Warfare 3 launch party

At least she gets an invite. I have brought every cod on release since cod 3, including most of the DLC. I'll bet she dosn't know what COD is.

Getttt youurrr kitttt offfff 360_Fan

PlayStation Home redesign launches tomorrow - video

I'm throwing all my games in the bin........this will keep me going for years.

Somewhere mincedbeef , someone will use those words in an evil marketing scheme

GTA 5 Poll - Are you satisfied with San Andreas?

what are the odds of a bigfoot in this one?


Pretty abominable I would think




We don't have to say anything about that, well done to all involved in that excellent exchange, you split our sides, put smiles on our faces and pee in our pants.

Ubisoft acquires Trials HD developer

Imagine: Trialz

No thankz beemoh, we'd rather not.

Trials HD 3, now with Rabbids!

Guys, stop giving them ideas. Bad smash-4000! BAD!

Modern Warfare 3 video looks back at key plot moments

A wild Russian/Arab Terrorist appears!
'Merica uses Youtube popular weaponry. . . . . .
It's super effective!

There ya go.

Poke of Duty Imaduck? We like it.

I just hope that Price has a brain melt somewhere in the plot where he says; 'contact Injury Lawyers for you to make a claim....'

Yes it's the same guy you know....

We'd like to see him to turn into the character from Eastenders KK-Headcharge78

Fallout: New Vegas gets Ultimate Edition release

What has two thumbs and has only just bought this damn game? Me. Sh*iiiiiit.

Hah. We know that feeling MrPirtniw.

Ridge Racer Unbounded gets release date

Speeding into bargain buckets later that day.

*chuckle*, what? Oh. Ahem. Now, now, Drusus , It could be excellent. Let's see if we can find any more Ridge Racer puns...

Looks Unbounded for my games collection.

Bingo! Well done, budge

Multiplayer silent hill.....Thats it, I genuinely think Konami finally completely lost the plot

We can't tell if this punnage is intentional or not, but either way a round of appluase for DAEDALUS79

Devil May Cry HD Collection gets first trailer

We care sorry, really, really sorry: Don't play DMC 2 at all (50G)

That's 50Gs we want no part of Coulson1990