6000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 stolen in truck heist

400,000 Euros-worth pinched in south Paris

A truck containing around 6000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 was stolen in France this weekend, according to reports.


French site TFI News reports that the truck suffered a collision with a car on saturday morning in Créteil, south Paris, before two masked individuals emerged.

The criminals reportedly used tear gas to neutralise the truck drivers before hopping in and making off with the video game shipment said to be worth 400,000 Euros.

Separate reports say the truck contained a delivery of Activision's much-anticipated shooter, Modern Warfare 3 - an estimated 6000 copies of it.

This wouldn't be the first theft Activision has suffered, after an employee reportedly stole a copy of the game from a shipping warehouse in California before pirating the disc and uploading it to the internet.

Activision has warned that playing Modern Warfare 3 before it's official release is "not authorised" and that doing so may earn you a ban.

[ SOURCE: TFI News ]