Kinect for Windows out 'early 2012', beta 2 out now

MS celebrating a year of motion control

It's Kinect's birthday and Microsoft is celebrating with a couple of announcement for the PC crowd.


First up Kinect for Windows, the official and commercial development tool kit, will be released in early 2012.

It has also announced the release of the SDK 2, for all those who've already been toying around with the motion-sensing bar on PC - which is quite a few, according to MS.

"Currently, we have more than 200 companies taking part in our pilot program," said Kinect for Windows general manager Craig Eisler.

"They are telling us how Kinect for Windows will help them transform their products, their processes, their brands, and their businesses. Putting the power of Kinect + Windows into the hands of business leaders and technical visionaries will give them the tools they need to develop novel solutions for everything from training employees to visualizing data, from configuring a car to managing an assembly line."

Eisler says the newest software improves Kinect's motion-tracking abilities, "including faster skeletal tracking, better accuracy rate when it comes to skeletal tracking and joint recognition, and the ability to plug and unplug your Kinect without losing work/productivity".

There's more through the source link, and you can download the new SDK here.

[ SOURCE: Microsoft ]