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Nintendo patents touch-screen Wii Remote attachment

Mirror array device hints at an interesting future for the Wii Remote

The Wii may be making way for the Wii U next year, but the Wii Remote's compatibility with the new console means that little wavy stick is here to stay.


And it looks like Nintendo is cooking up some interesting new ways to use the controller - such as a touch-panel attachment.

A new Nintendo patent spotted by Siliconera reveals a device that fits onto the top of the Wii Remote with a flat panel of LEDs that, when touched, light up bright red in the touched location.

A mirror array bounces these lights into the infra-red sensor on the top of the remote, which converts what it sees into positional data.

This, we imagine, could be used to provide DS and Wii U-like touch-panel controls to games using just the Wii Remote.

Given that it seems Wii U will only connect to a single of its touch-screen-enabled controllers at a time (forcing any other players to use a Wii Remote), could this be Nintendo's attempt at a solution for multiplayer touch-based games on it's new console?

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]