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Deus Ex: Human Revolution sells 2.18 million

Europe snaps up Square's blockbuster, America not so keen

Europe, it seems, welcomed Deus Ex: Human Revolution with open arms, while America looked in with a dubious frown.

Square Enix has confirmed that the game has sold through 2.18 million copies in US and Europe, which is good news.

But the majority of those were Euro sales, where 1.38 million have been snapped up, while only 800,000 North American gamers fancied a shot at the sci-fi action RPG.

The game released in Japan on October 20 but those numbers were not included in the report.

Deus Ex dominated Square's software sales for the last six months ending September 2011, with Dungeon Siege III behind it on 820,000 sales, followed by Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection which did 350,000 sales in Japan.

Square released the first Human Revolution DLC, titled 'The Missing Link', on October 18, adding new environments, characters and added layers of conspiracy-solving, plus the chance to rebuild your augmentation set from scratch.