Homegrown Gaming: A visit to Rare

XBW heads into deepest, darkest Leicestershire to visit the Kinect Sports developer...

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We had a brief chat with Rare's Scott Henson and quizzed him about about the past (and future) of the veteran. Here's what he had to say...

So Kinect seems to be your main focus at the moment. Do you think that's the future of this studio, and the direction in which all development is headed?

Well, the future... there's like this infinite future, right? The thing I'll tell you, from having worked on Xbox and Xbox Live and so many parts of what we've done in the last ten years, is we have this big, huge canvas with Kinect. It's barely tapped. I mean you can see kind of where we were a year ago when we set the bar; you can see what we're doing this year when we're raising the bar for voice recognition and new ways to do gestures and new ways to play like challenge play. Yeah I think we're going to continue to innovate and push the limits 'cause I think there's a lot left to do.


What's Rare's relationship with its deeply loved back catalogue? Because there are obviously a lot of fans of your old franchises, like Banjo Kazooie or Perfect Dark, or even older titles like Killer Instinct. Do calls for remakes have much of an effect on you, and will we see those games return?

Well, first of all, we love the fans of the history and legacy of Rare. It's a huge honour to have that as a part of the studio, but our focus and ambition is about innovating and driving innovation with Kinect. If it makes sense, of course we'll evaluate those kinds of things. Right now the immediate thing in front of us is Kinect Sports Season 2, and continuing to push with that.

In fact, we'll continue to push the innovation envelope even beyond launch. We haven't talked about any details of that yet, but people should stay tuned because you'll see more with Season 2 even beyond what you see with the initial release.

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