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Obsidian dismisses Online Pass as 'gimmick'

Fallout: New Vegas developer says there are other solutions to used market deterrence

Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian has dismissed EA's online pass and similar systems designed to deter used game purchases as 'gimmicks'.


"One of the recent issues is not putting the full game in the package and requiring downloadable content to move on. Also, including DLC in the package that will have to be repurchased for secondhand buyers," Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart points out to Gamespot (thanks MCV).

"I think you have to go in and forget those gimmicks, and say, 'How do I make them want to keep the game on the shelf?'" he adds, before suggesting developers should be focusing on ways to make gamers keep games instead of trying to stop gamers buying them used.

"I think each genre has a way to do it. Battlefield and Call of Duty have it in multiplayer with maps, rankings, leveling up, and unlocks. There are different things, but the idea is making people feel, "I want to keep on playing it," Urquhart continued.

"With a role-playing game, it is the same thing. We come up with things to make players want to keep on playing it. By having a good and evil track, like Knights of the Old Republic II, I can play as a light or dark Jedi. I may play through as a light Jedi, but I know that I could play through as a dark Jedi. So I think, "I'm gonna do that some day." So I put it back on my shelf and I don't take it back to GameStop."

EA has said that the revenue generated from its Online Pass system has been significant but not major.

[ SOURCE: Gamespot ]