Modern Warfare 3 review - 9/10 in Edge

Infinity Ward's latest gets the thumbs up

Edge has delivered its verdict on Activision and Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and given it a 9/10 score.


Wasting no time Edge's review kicks off by stating "the third game in the series is remarkable" in its opening paragraph, and goes on to call it "a hell of a package".

It succinctly states "MW3 not only maintains the high standards of the series' previous singleplayer campaigns, but offers what feels like the best iteration of COD's world-conquering multiplayer thus far, as well as a thrilling update of the second game's Spec Ops missions and a new Survival mode".

It's not all digital candy and roses though, Edge's reviewer flags up the game's formulaec nature as a sticking point, but one that is quickly forgotten during the second half of the game.

"The worst thing you can say about MW3's campaign is that its first half can lapse into COD formula, despite several excellent set-pieces, before everything is forgotten in an absolutely bombastic concluding half," reads the review.

The praise is all neatly wrapped up in Edge's concluding paragraph, in which it praises Infinity Ward's efforts, past and present, and pegs the series as one of this generation's finest.

"Wherever Call Of Duty goes from here, Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare trilogy stands as this generation's defining FPS series - and Modern Warfare 3 is an emphatic, feature-packed and sometimes stunning final act."

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