Uncharted 3 Treasure guide: video walkthrough

Get your hands on all Uncharted 3's goodies

By now most of you PlayStation 3 adventurers have probably leaped, stumbled and gunned your way through Uncharted 3's story campagin.

While you may (or may not) have pillaged The Lost City of Ubar for its treasures we're betting you skipped over the numerous little gems scattered around the 20 odd single-player chapters.

So why not go back, pick up them and earn yourself a shiny new Trophy in the process? It's what a real treasure hunter would do.


For those who like the sound of that and can tear themselves away from Uncharted 3's multiplayer we've put together a handy guide giving you the locations of each and every trinket in the game.

If you're out for a particular treasure use the chapter guide below to skip to where you need to be.

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