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Cliff Bleszinski: We can squeeze more from 360

Epic poster boy still enthused by Microsoft's aging joy box

Epic design director Cliff Blezinski has underlined the fact that the humble 360 hasn't reached its peak in terms of technical dazzlement.


Having worked with the console over its complete cycle, the Epic Games creative director believes there's life in the old dog yet...

"With creative programming you can squeeze anything out of any given platform," he explained in a conversation with the charming chaps at Edge. "Go back to the demo scene where these guys would take a 286 PC and in 38k make a demo that rivalled the most triple-A game of the time."

"It's just a matter of code magic, time and effort. I don't know how much longer the 360 will be around, but I'm sure that if we have a product coming out before the end of [its] lifecycle we'll continue to try and squeeze more water from that stone."

He went on to underline that pushing the 360 further was the major challenge he and his team currently faced.

"We're kind of at that point where in the SNES [days] they started using Mode 7 in ways you never expected." He explained, triggering happy Yoshis Island memories in more antiquated gamers.