Unlock the Animus - the final revelation

Final week, go, go...

It's the final week in Unlock the Animus challenge as we build up to the release of Assassin's Creed Revelations a week on Friday and now the Mastermind challenge is now unlocked, as you reach the final destination of your epic journey.

The final week of Unlock the Animus promises to be the ultimate brain teaser- and to keep things fair and above board we're not even going to give away any clues to the Mastermind puzzle.

Still, it's not too late to get into the game even if you've never tried before, as with all the puzzles plus the Mastermind now open, it's a sprint to the finish to claim the ultimate prize.
If you haven't attempted any before, perhaps this hints and tips feature may help.


Persevere of Assassin and you could win a fantastic prize in the form of an amazing trip to Istanbul where Revelations is set. This will include travel for yourself and a friend, flights, four nights of hotel accommodation and £500 spending money, plus a chance to tour the beautiful and historic Constantinople of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

As a special treat for Assassin's fans, we've also got a bunch of exclusive interviews and content including news, movies and previews and it's all handily collected here in our Assassin's Creed Revelations game hub.

Happy hunting and good luck!