'I am losing all faith in Sony'

Mailbox: Has Vita's price doomed it?

On last week's mailbox Eelco De Vries e-mailed NGamer to discuss whether the Nintendo 3DS Slide Pad does more harm than good to Nintendo's latest handheld.

This week Paul Cadogan e-mailed in to say he feels like the PlayStation Vita may be doomed from the outset thanks to Sony's pricing decisions.


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Over to Paul...

I am losing all faith in Sony. Never mind that two of my PS3s broke, never mind that I lost all my saves twice. No, the reason I'm losing faith is because of the ridiculous pricing on the PSN. I picked up Dead Space 2 Special Edition earlier in the year for £25, brand new. It appeared on the PSN the other week for a whopping £47.99! How can they justify this? It was only £39.99 when it came out!

And this isn't the first time either - if I remember rightly, Far Cry 2 was a ridiculous price too. Surely if there's no disc, no case, no manual and no retailer or shipping costs, the game should be cheaper? I was excited about Vita, but now I'm not so sure as the games will be sold via PSN.

CVG says: This has been puzzling us for a while now, especially since Sony has shown it's pretty savvy with its pricing with numerous other PlayStation Network releases and PlayStation Plus offers.

The pricing oddities seem to be focused around the release of full games which - if we indulge our inner conspiracy theorist - could suggest Sony is intentionally jacking up the prices of downloads to steer people away from downloading full games.

Admittedly it doesn't make sense when you consider Sony would be getting the total value of sales and retailers would be seeing nothing from it. We're stumped.