Skyrim pre-loading now on Steam, D2D

Own 99% of Elder Scrolls V NOW

This week's monster RPG release Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now available to pre-load on Steam and Direct2Drive.


The digital distribution platforms are ready to feed hungry punters 99 percent of the files need to run Bethesda's epic, which according to the game's system specs should be about six gigabytes of data.

In theory Friday's de-encryption process should transfer the files into ten-billion hours of Dragon-slaying fun, but Bethesda's also prepping a day one patch designed to mop up those pesky last minute bugs.

Skyrim reviews (and our Skyrim guide) go live later this week. If you simply can't wait to imagine yourself striding through its snowy mountain-tops then calm yourself with videos showing the first 28 minutes of Skyrim. Watch out though, you'll get eaten by spoilers.

Skyrim's out on November 11 and we've already booked the day off work. Let's hope that patch doesn't take too long to download, eh?

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[ SOURCE: PC Gamer ]