3DS success depends on games 'more than price', says Ubisoft boss

Yves Guillemot also thinks Wii U is destined to be a "great" social machine

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has told Edge that the fortunes of 3DS will ultimately be decided by the number of quality games for the system and not by its price.


While he acknowledged that a significant mid-August price cut gave the handheld "a big boost", he feels its recovery following slower-than-expected early sales "will depend eventually on software".

Speaking at last week's Montreal International Game Summit, Guillemot said: "I think it's a question of coming with enough games [more] than the price. For sure the price was too high and it was a big boost when they changed it, it really was a good idea.

"Now we will see. When you look at the DS everybody was saying: 'This machine is never going to sell,' and after a year it took off rapidly. For sure there are competitors - iPhone and all the other machines - but it will depend eventually on software. If the software is good, it should do well."

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said in August that the 3DS price cut had been designed to "realise explosive sales in the year-end sales season".

3DS sales are likely to come in 16 percent under Nintendo's annual target of 16 million units, based on the average estimate of four analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News in September.

Guillemot also told Edge he thinks Wii U is "a great machine", adding: "What it brings, again, is ease of play... I think we will see with the Wii U another step where it's easy to play, to access, and it's really well adapted to socialisation. There are lots of possibilities linked to the machine."

[ SOURCE: Edge ]