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Skyrim review - Edge gives it 9/10

'A world of ice and fire that delivers more than most games even attempt'

Edge has awarded Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (see the Skyrim guide) a 9/10 score in its review. It seems even the toughests of reviewers can't resist its charms.


The review opens by laying out an unspoken truth, that Bethesda "fashions worlds of unrivalled scope, rich in lore and history, filled with stories to unravel and secrets to find" and in return gamers "do all we can to ignore the rough edges that come, apparently, as the cost of such ambition."

It goes on to point out that Skyrim isn't perfect, "it takes place in a world where a woolly mammoth can suddenly levitate a hundred feet into the sky and stay there. It still takes place in a world where trying to aid the city watch in a battle against a rampaging dragon can see you arrested and taken to prison - before the battle's over, mind - for striking one of the soldiers with a glancing blow.

"It's still a world where a nobleman will try, repeatedly, to enter a tavern, having forgotten to climb off his horse first", but despite all this it is also a "world that, providing you offer up your suspension of disbelief, delivers more than most games even attempt."

Edge praises Bethesda for creating a "strongly defined" setting for Skyrim and praises it for "giving its artists a chance to experiment with the visual styles of each province". It draws comparisons to Oblivion's "patchwork of varying terrains" and says Skyrim excells at "holding together convincingly" as a place.

According to the review although Skyrim's combat "retains Oblivion's sense of clumsiness" it "has an altogether weightier feel than in previous games".

Role-playing purists will be happy to hear "Bethesda's streamlining of character progression, rather than dumbing down The Elder Scrolls, has hit upon a sweet spot of anxiety-fraught indecision," but when all is said and done it is the numerous moments of "breathless excitement, triumph or discovery" that keep players invested in the world.

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