Rainbow Six Patriots - What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

So you may have seen the target footage for Rainbow Six: Patriots that Ubisoft released last week. Looks pretty good, we think. It's not out until 2013 though, but that leaves us plenty of time to ponder what features we want to see in the game.

This writer will admit to having not played the old hardcore Rainbow Six games that much. I have a copy of Rogue Spear on PC but I'd usually get gunned down as soon as I entered the museum on the first level.

It's doubtful Ubisoft would make another proper hardcore Rainbow Six though, so we think it's safe to assume that Patriots is going to be more like the Vegas series - and given its success - it'll likely hints of Call of Duty.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at the things that we want to see in the next Rainbow Six offering.


Four player campaign co-op featured in Rainbow Six: Vegas and we had tremendous fun shooting our way through the story. There are few things in gaming more badass than you and three mates all rappelling down the side of a building, smashing through the windows in perfect sync and laying waste to a casino full of dastardly terrorists. Imagine our disappointment then to find that the campaign scaled the player count down to two, forcing us to play with the AI team mates Billy Machine Gun and Freddy Whatshisface.


We think it would be a missed opportunity not to include four player campaign co-op in Rainbow Six: Patriots. Four player terrorist hunt is probably a given, and while that's nice, we want to blast through the main story with three others. Though with more choice and morality focused gameplay this time round, four player co-op might be harder to implement. In the target footage there's a scene where a civilian has a bomb strapped to his chest and the player throws him off the bridge. We don't think that in co-op if the players decide to throw him off the bridge they'd all grab a limb each and toss him over the railing. Though that would be pretty amusing.

Still, we hope Ubisoft finds some way to make co-op work in the story. It would be worth it.

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