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Battlefield 3: 'Hundreds' banned as cheating erupts

Cheaters kicked and stats wiped following reports of glitch exploits

Hundreds of players will have found themselves hit with bans from Battlefield 3 this week for cheating.


Developer DICE has said via Twitter: "This week we've banned hundreds of offending accounts and have stats-wiped accounts for exploiting (such as boosting)..."

Players have apparently found a glitch that allows them to use the Engineer repair tool or the EOD Bot to garner tens of thousands of points in a match.

In the last few minutes DICE has called players' help to catch the culprits. "To report players cheating or boosting send us a direct message to this Twitter with a screen shot of the Battle Log Report," it asks.

EA and Sony also recently confirmed that there is a Battlelog problem with the digital version of Battlefield 3 downloadable via the PlayStation Store, and an update is in the making.

[ SOURCE: Via BF3 Blog ]