Why was CoD: Elite so unprepared? Activision answers

Call of Duty rep reasons the non-launch of the Call of Duty service

Call of Duty: Elite has completely tripped over its own popularity as servers continue to struggle with demand. But surely Activision knew it would be big, right?


Call of Duty VP of production Daniel Suarez has sought to clarify the perception that Elite was simply completely unprepared for what would seem like an inevitability - millions of gamers all rushing in at once.

"We knew MW3 was going to be big and we planned for a big demand, it's just the infrastructure is struggling to keep up with volume," he told Joystiq.

He went on to say that while the Elite beta test helped them prepare the service, even it could not provide a proper test for the sheer scale of the launch.

"We did a beta, the beta was intended to give us the data on how everything would behave with people hitting different parts of the service and different parts of the site. But when you add the complexities of it being not only an online service but one that has a console component, a PC component, and a soon-to-be-released mobile component, all being released at the same time, it's never been done before at this scale," he said.

He goes on, again, to blame the ongoing outages on the service's overwhelming popularity. "From the planning standpoint, we planned for it to be big. It's Call of Duty, we have all our metrics. We know what our metrics are from Black Ops and MW2 and all the previous Call of Dutys, so we were planning for it to be big. But we just literally had so much influx right now from all the different areas, from the console and the web. It just hit us a lot harder than we thought."

So when will it be fixed? Dunno. "We want to make sure the things we're doing right now remain stable," said Suarez. "Right now we don't have a definitive goal to have everything up by this date, we just don't have that data yet."

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]