Battlefield 3's hellish Tac Lights being toned down in patch

Plus a bunch of other balance fixes on the way

Battlefield 3 developer DICE has confirmed that the ridiculous blinding effect of the tactical light attachment will be turned down in an upcoming balance patch.


The tactical light is basically a flash light attachment for pistols and machine guns that glares in the eyes of enemies as you aim at them. Thing is, this light currently has the ability to completely blind you from several meters away in broad daylight. It's victims will know what we're talking about.

DICE has released before and after shots (pictured on this page) to show how the effect will be after the patch - far more acceptable we thing.

Core Gameplay designer Alan Kertz has also mention on Twitter, via PC Gamer, DICE's intention to rebalance anti-air gun fire to reduce the amount at which they effect a flying vehicle's flight path.

Also being considered is player's inability to land jets for repair, and Kertz also says that some apparent controller lag issues on the PS3 version that occur in 720p are "being worked on".

There's currently no date for the patch release.

[ SOURCE: PC Gamer ]