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Batman: Arkham City suffering from vanishing save files?

Widespread issues reported with Xbox 360 version

Had your Batman: Arkham City save game go missing or get corrupted recently? Apparently, you're not alone.


In a 21-page thread on the official forums, users are complaining of hours of progress being lost due to the mysterious save glitch, which appears to be exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Users also suspect that the Catwoman DLC pack may be responsible, though this is not confirmed.

Warner Bros. is currently working on a fix, but as of yet there is no ETA.

Batman: Arkham City has shipped over 4.6 million units worldwide since its October 18 US launch on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Earlier this month Warner Bros. sent word that the PC version of Rocksteady's excellent Batman: Arkham City will be available in Europe from November 25 and a few days earlier on November 22 in North America.

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