Star Wars: The Old Republic beta key giveaway

13,000 free weekend keys on offer for CVG readers

EA's teamed up with CVG to offer our readers 13,000 - yes, you read that correctly - Star Wars: The Old Republic beta keys.


The publisher along with developer BioWare are planning a stress-testing weekend in the very near future, and you could be among the first to experience their Force-like server power first-hand (and kill some blokes with a lightsaber on the internet, of course).

To collect one of our 13,000 keys (we can't stop typing that number) simply click the giveaway link below, log in to CVG, and then redeem your key at before midnight on Friday, November 18. EA will then e-mail you at a later date to let you know when the trial's taking place.

Today we'll be giving away the first half of our Old Republic beta key batch, with another chance to grab the remaining 6,500 going up later this week.

The Old Republic's EU release date has been brought forward to December 20. BioWare is expecting the MMO release to be "the biggest online launch in history."