Skyrim: The funniest glitches so far...

A full run-down of uber-giant clubbing and flying horse chaos.

The news on the CVG wires is running hot. You've seen things people wouldn't believe: flying mammoths, naked bodies ominously hovering in your path, dead wolves chasing after you, goats getting stuck to beds.

A new Bethesda game is here (see our Skyrim guide) and, even though it's a genuine masterpiece, that also means that there's a barrel-ful of hilarious glitches that come with it.

Join us, then, for a round-up of the greatest glitches that've been found in Skyrim so far. What's more, if you've experienced any great unscripted and/or undesired Skyrim moments please share them in the comments thread. The window for madcap exploits might close when Bethesda patch the game, so let's have as much fun as we can in the mean-time.


1) Fore!

Some might say that the power of a giant strike is a little bit unbalanced. Still, at least it's an interesting new version of fast-travel...

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Then again, if you think it's funny when it's done to yourself - check out what it's like when an NPC gets a taste of giant club:

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2) You'll believe that a horse can fly

The take-off is dainty and nervous, while the landing... well, the landing is a little iffy. Still though, a full five stars awarded for managing to get a four-legged beast airborne.

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3) Put the bunny back on the bank...

Poor little mite. This bunny rabbit is swimming upstream, migrating back to the shallow mountain-top pools where he can finally mate - and then die. Shame he's stuck and getting electrified by wandering magicians really.

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4) I want to take his face. Off.

Sinister Dementor-like business here, or perhaps more Doctor Who Headless Monk. Either way, it gives us the willies. And not in a good way.

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5) Illusionists get all the best tricks

You'd think that a dragon's skeleton would be pretty heavy, right? Not when placed in direct contact with illusion skills they're not...

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6) That stealing video, on the off-chance you haven't seen it

It isn't a glitch, more a hilarious manipulation of in-game rules, but by the Gods we wanted an excuse to post this up.

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