10 most implausible gaming missions

Somewhere beyond improbable lies insane...

Movies thrive on impossibility, but they're nothing to games.

Games laugh at Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's last stand, scoff at Mad Max 2's final chase, and moon every scene on the space rock from Armageddon.

Games are one impossibility after another, strung together in the most epic order imaginable and made possible with a take on reality which borders on insanity... and these are games' most implausible impossible missions.

Fair warning, there will be some spoiling.


Game Bayonetta
Developer Platinum Games
Publisher Sega
The final boss is Jubileus, the creator of the universe - God - who plans to remake life from scratch. We can't have that, so Bayonetta's one-time foe Jeanne rides a motorbike into space on the side of a skyscraper which transforms into a rocket and races to the edge of the solar system. Beyond Neptune, she frees Bayonetta who proceeds to kick the piss out of God before piledriving the 700-foot immortal transsexual into the heart of the sun.

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Game Call of Duty 4
Developer Infinity Ward
Publisher Activision
Lieutenant Vasquez can only watch as Khaled Al-Asad detonates an atomic bomb. You're left standing in the ruins beneath a mushroom cloud - the sole survivor, but only for a moment. It's a mission so impossible you can't help but fail, and a level which lasts less than a minute.

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Game Kane and Lynch 2
Developer IO
Publisher Square Enix
After Lynch executes the daughter of a mob boss, the Triads put a bounty on their heads. They're tortured, cut to pieces and forced to flee naked, before killing Hong Kong's entire criminal empire, and hijacking a 747. It's survival of the shittest.

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