Warner needs your help to fix Arkham City's save glitch

Developer unable to reproduce error experienced by hundreds

Warner Bros. Games has confirmed it's working on fixing a glitch in Batman: Arkham City for Xbox that causes save files to erase, but it needs your help in doing so.


The developer has said it's been unable to reproduce the bug in it's QA labs. It's hard to fix something you can't detect. Therefore it's turning to the people for help.

"We would very much like to fix the "disappearing save files" issue some consumers have been reporting with the XBOX 360 version of the game as quickly as possible. Thus far our QA department has been unable to reproduce this issue," it says in a new forum post (thanks Shack).

"For those of you who are experiencing this particular issue, it would be invaluable to our QA team's ongoing test efforts if you can contact WB Games Support ( and let us know some specifics as to the hardware and software configuration of the XBOX 360 machine you are playing the game on."

There's a list of the specific information it requires through the source link below.

[ SOURCE: Official Forums ]