Nolan North urges Assassin's Creed to adopt Uncharted mo-cap - 'There's absolutely a difference'

Ubisoft captures face and body animation separately

Voice of Desmond Miles (and pretty much every other game hero) Nolan North has urged Ubisoft to adopt motion capture methods similar to Naughty Dog's Uncharted.


Speaking in a recent interview the Assassin's Creed actor admitted there's a "disconnect" in the Ubisoft game's current setup, which has voice actors provide voice facial animation separately from body motion capture, which is recorded by different actors.

"I wish it wasn't done separately," North said. "Don't get me wrong, the mo-cap actors do a great job, but there will always be somewhat of a disconnect when it's done this way.

"After my experiences on the Uncharted franchise, where the actors do both performance and voice, I can honestly say there is absolutely a difference," he added.

"The cut-scenes are shot exactly like a film or television program. The actors interact more naturally and unique and subtle elements to the performances are captured. Don't think for a minute that gamers don't notice. They're a savvy bunch."

Quizzed on the future of the Assassin's Creed series after Revelations, which releases worldwide today, North claimed he's kept in the dark by the developers.

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"Desmond and I follow a similar path of discovery during the game," he explained. "I learn what happens as he learns what happens. It makes bringing the role to life that much easier for me. I am just as interested as what is going to Desmond as Desmond probably is!"

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