Alan Wake: Night Springs - What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

As you may already know, we got our first teaser trailer and screenshot of the new downloadable Alan Wake game last week. Not much there to see though, apart from the fact that Alan's back, and he's rocking some new threads, but it has us intrigued nonetheless.

The game is set to be fully revealed next month at the Spike VGAs, but until then here's what we want to see from it:


We felt that towards the end of the game Alan Wake started to get pretty repetitive. At about 8 hours in, we found ourselves wandering around yet another forest, shining a torch in another enemy's face. The gameplay mechanics and location remained virtually unchanged from the beginning to the end.

We don't mind a bit of forest wandering action but we'd prefer to see a wider variety of locations, or at least see Remedy do more with the forest sections so it's not just simply go from A to B and kill all of the Taken along the way.

Why is he so happy? He browning his drawers. This is unacceptable!

We thought the daytime driving sections didn't really add much to the experience either. It seemed their only purpose was so we could collect some ammo and the odd flare or two. They just felt a bit tacked on, and unnecessary.

If they do return, there should at least be some Taken lurking around in dark buildings during these parts so the player still feels uneasy despite it being bright. Just do something with them so it's not just a resource gathering slog interspersed with stops to listen to a radio, watch TV or pick up a coffee thermos.

We'd like to see some more puzzle elements to the game too. There was the occasional move some logs into position to make a bridge brain teaser, but nothing really too interesting.

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