Xbox 720 to arrive in 2012 - Edge source

Plus major Sony studio now working exclusively on games for PS3's successor

The next generation of home consoles is likely to launch in 2012, with an Xbox 360 successor looking set to be the first out of the door.


That's according to an Edge source, who told the site that Ubisoft Montreal is currently working with next generation "target boxes based on the intended specifications of Microsoft's Xbox 360 successor".

Several other major developers, including some EA studios, are also said to be in possession of these units, which are apparently PCs containing off-the-shelf components provided by Microsoft. AMD is believed to be providing the bespoke GPU solution for the console.

The first iteration of genuine devkits running custom hardware is expected to arrive with studios by the end of the year, with all signs pointing to the console itself launching in late 2012.

The site also reports that one major Sony-owned studio is now working exclusively on games for PS3's successor.

Microsoft is rumoured to be planning to make the first official announcements about its next-gen Xbox console at the CES expo in January 2012.

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[ SOURCE: Edge ]