Irrational reveals BioShock's bizarre Bollywood predecessor

Silent Hill meets Zelda meets Devil May Cry ends up in India

In the latest of Irrational Games' 'From The Vault' feature the BioShock: Infinite studio revealed a little more information on The Lost, an early project that never saw the light of day. Well, not in the western gaming market anyway...


According to design director Bill Gardner 'The Lost' was the studio's first shot at making a console game, having just wrapped up work on PC exclusive System Shock 2.

The title was being built for Sony's PlayStation 2, Microsoft's Xbox and incorporated "influences from across the spectrum".

"The Lost was a bit of everything," said Gardner, "It was Silent Hill meets Zelda meets Devil May Cry in the sense that it was a series of levels in linear fashion, but within the levels, there was freedom."

Although the small team working on the project completed their work in 2003, it didn't meet Irrational's standards and was scrapped.

However, a few years later in a meeting with the CEO of an Indian development studio called FXLabs, Irrational boss Ken Levine passed on The Lost to be repurposed for a PC release.

"They spent about a year or so after we gave them all game assets and they periodically checked in," recalls Gardner. "Finally, someone sent around a link to this YouTube video of the trailer for the game, and it had a bunch of Bollywood actors in it. There was this really well known Bollywood actress in the lead role, and just to see their spin on the game was a bit of cross-culture shock."

A bit of an understatement if you ask us, have a look at the results below.

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Following its release a few members of the Irrational team managed to get their hands on the game and in a post-repurposing dissection gleaned that much of the game was unchanged "the flow, the level structure, the weapons remained unchanged" but it had been sprinkled with a little eastern spice.

"You're playing this game, this otherworldly version of a game you spent a couple of years working on, and it's just weird. You can't wrap your head around how bizarre this is." You're not wrong Bill.

Gardener went on to reflect positively on the legacy of The Lost, saying that BioShock wouldn't exist without it.

"We wouldn't have been able to make BioShock if it weren't for The Lost. In a lot of ways, it was what BioShock wound up becoming. We had said with The Lost, we wanted to take a lot of what made System Shock 2 successful," said the design director.

"We learned so much from it, and learning to interface on a console game, while accounting for the tech aspects and considerations on all sides was, frankly, helpful."

While we're on the crazy train, here's a clip of a horse powersliding under a truck. Thank you India.

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Have a look at the images below to see more of the game, minus the writhing beautiful women.

[ SOURCE: Irrational Games ]