'Big head' cheat discovered in Batman: Arkham City

Big bonced bat

Batman: Arkham City is full of surprises, like this 'Big Head mode' cheat that has only just been discovered.

This classic gaming cheat code can be activated in the game by holding the left and right triggers down on Xbox 360, or all four shoulder buttons on PS3, and rotating the left and right sticks in opposite directions for a few seconds. Repeating the code will deactivate the cheat.

This apparently works for all playable characters and will also turn every other character in the game into a ham-fisted, massive headed freak. Even Mr Freeze's frozen wife, Nora, gets a skull enlargement.


After playing around with it, users have noted that the cheat does not work on the easy difficulty setting or on your first playthrough of the story. Users have also discovered that the taunt feature that was mentioned in GameInformer's reveal story, and never heard of again, is in fact still in the game and can be activated by making two full rotations of the right stick. Supposedly, if there are any enemies around the taunt will actually make them drop to the floor in fear.

This has certainly gotten us curious as to whether there are other cheat codes or secrets hidden away in the game. Remember that no one found Warden Sharpe's secret office in Arkham Asylum until the developers basically told people to look around there in a podcast.

We're willing to bet there's plenty more yet to uncover inside the walls of Arkham...

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