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Resident Evil: Revelations co-op mode unlocked on game completion

Raid mode reserved as a post-credits bonus

Resident Evil: Revelations has a co-op mode, but you'll have to earn the right to play it.


Producer Masachika Kawata told attendees of a recent press event that the game's main single-player campaign will last around 10 hours. Players who battle their way to the credits will unlock Raid mode, an online co-op mode.

He also revealed that the characters Jessica and Obrian will be unlocked with the new mode, which should provide the game with plenty of replayablility.

Capcom has said that the game's console-game-like size required the use of a more costly 4GB 3DS cartridge, forcing the retail price up to $50 - $10 more than the usual 3DS game and equal to a Wii game.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]