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'Wii U will disrupt the market like DS' - Reggie

"If all we do is a beautiful game in HD, it's been done before"

It's a good day to be a Nintendo gamer today, with both Zelda Skyward Sword and Mario 3D Land hitting store shelves. But what of the future of Nintendo gaming, namely next year's release of the Wii U?


Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime has once again been outlining his thoughts on what it will take to make the Wii-U a success, in an interview with the Games blog.

Asked what it will require to succeed when the console launches in 2012, Fils-Aime said he believed that "The Wii U has to deliver a differentiated experience that can only be brought to bear through the use of these two screens."

He added: "If all we do is a beautiful game in HD, it's been done before. We have to take advantage of the second screen, we need to take advantage of the connectivity that the system will offer."

Yet if Nintendo could succeed in doing that, Fils-Aime believes it would have a similar impact to previous Nintendo game changers like the DS and Wii and the company clearly has high hopes for the Wii U.

Fils-Amie concluded: "We believe that we will yet again disrupt the market the same way we did with DS and Wii."

Nintendo President Saturo Iwata has previously said the Wii U will learn from 3DS's bitter lesson.

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