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CVG: Comments of the Week

Moans and groans from you folk

In the comments this week we've seen foul-mouthed rage, comments that made us chuckle, jokes and absolutely god-awful puns - a bit like every other week in the CVG comments then.

We've picked out some of our favourites and compiled them in to a nice, neat list for you to have a read over and laugh at. Or for you to angrily take to the comments below and tell us we picked all the worst ones, but regardless, enjoy the comments. Do watch out for those puns though - they're seriously shocking.

Skyrim: The funniest glitches so far...

Don't like rpg's , but feeling left out, so will share my far less interesting bf3 glitch instead. man floating in the middle of the bazaar map, who just happened to be dead too. Most bazaar (feel free to groan lol)

We'll take you up on that offer, Kirankara. *Groan*

Next-gen Xbox announcement at CES in January - rumour

CVG, my mate in Sainsbury's says it's March
Maybe you'll make an article on that too, since you do so with every other poxy source on the web

Be sure to press them for more details the next time you pop in there to pick up a pack of Jaffa Cakes, KieranTC.

PETA frowns at Mario's use of Tanooki 'fur'

Fur goodness sake.

Good God, beemoh. I think we've hit a new low for puns on CVG.

How many PETA members does it take to change a lightbulb?
None, PETA can't change anything.

Ha ha, good one gmcb007

7/10: The review problem

Good article, well written.
I give it 7/10.

NEO_SUPERMAN, you cheeky git.

Liam Gallagher 'spends £3,000 on game consoles', Noel still not a fan

Who is Liam Gallagher's favourite video game character?


Ho ho ho

Oh God, I think I'm going to vomit, TheLastDodo.

I think you should "definately maybe" "Slide away" and get your coat for that one, especially if you want to "live forever"!

Barca Azul, stop! Somebody pass a bucket, quick!

"All Around The World" people are laughing at my joke, I'm sorry if you didn't enjoy it Barca but can't you just "Roll With It" there's no need for death threats is there? "Don't Look Back In Anger" Barca, be the "Better Man".

TheLastDodo - *Vomits*

Assassin's Creed 3: Is it set in ancient Egypt?

AC3 should be set in the year 1993, in Clacton-on-Sea. Epicness would surely ensue as our hero, Steve Hedges tries to free-run to the checkout queue at Tesco before all the old people get in front.

We'd buy it, mothbanquet

A look at Resident Evil: Revelation's bonus DVD

Buns features? You guys asleep at the wheel in there?


Nope, we definitely meant have a peek at the buns, razors edge

PETA tells Mario fans to relax - 'it was a joke'

I bet Nintendo sent someone to sort them out- I can imagine Reggie using a gold plated Wii remote to beat some sense into them while Iwata put on a pimped out power glove to finish them

We suddenly want Reggie and Iwata in the next Soul Calibur, mogel94

Parents name child after Skyrim character, get Bethesda games for life

I bet he has hundreds of bugs.
B_G_G - Wheeeeey

Maybe I should call my next child 'Soap' - Bring on free 'Call of Duty'

We don't know what's funnier, bamozzy. You naming your child 'Soap' or thinking Activision would give you something for free.

Modern Warfare 3 fails to beat Black Ops numbers in UK

The tide is turning...........

Now is the time to strike.


Yeeaah! Oh, you were joking, TheLastDodo. Homefront wasn't that bad, damn it!

Halo Anniversary '2001 vs 2011' comparison video

Which one is which?

Run. Run as fast as you can, KK-Headcharge78