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Win! Skyrim goodies, t-shirts, posters and more...

Tell us your hero's tale and win these groovy goods

Skyrim: practically the whole world and his wife are playing it, ourselves included, and we can already see another weekend being almost completely submerged in Bethesda's finest.


But before we plunge into that epic world of rock, snow and dragons once again, we recently received an inbound care package from Bethesda full of Skyrim goodies including t-shirts, posters, the soundtrack album and the other goodly stuff you can see in the picture.

But rather than sit on all these Skyrim goodies like a dragon on its horde, we decided we'd share a bit of the love and so we'll be giving it all away to you CVG Skyrim fans.

Our blood price? Pretty simple really, just tell us about your Skyrim hero or heroine, their name, their race, their character, their history and deeds or any unique or hilarious adventures they've had.

In short, amuse, entertain and enlighten us with your bardic tales of Skyrim splendour.

The top prize will get their pick of the horde, with two runners-up receiving t-shirts. Sound fair enough? Good, get cracking and may the best or wyrdest man (or lady) win!

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