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2. How to make the most of your companions

Whenever you trade armour or gear with your follower, they'll automatically equip the best of what you've given them if the stats are higher than what they already have. Most followers start out with low-level gear, so it's a good idea to give them better armour and weapons as soon as possible. If they die, you can just loot it back.

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If you give a follower a torch, they'll equip it in dungeons or at night, lighting the way for you.

It's also worth noting that, due to a bug, items picked up by followers don't weigh anything, meaning they can carry an unlimited amount of stuff. To get them to pick something up, switch to command mode and point at it.

3. How to get a dragon to land


When you're fighting a dragon, they'll only land next to you if you're in an open area, like a field or forest. Otherwise they'll just circle above you, spamming you with flames. If you find yourself fighting one in a rocky or mountainous area, move to a clearing and it should follow you. You can use the Dragonrend shout (earned in the main quest) to speed up the landing process.

To give you an early edge when you're fighting dragons, follow the main quest until you end up at Sky Haven Temple, former home of the Blades. In the main temple, there's a room tucked away in the back with some Blades armour, and a katana-style sword called Dragonbane. This does 20 additional damage points to the scaly beasts, and is electrified to boot. A very useful weapon.

4. How to get free archery training

An early side-quest in Riverwood sees you getting involved in a love triangle between Sven, Faendal and Camilla. If you help Faendal, he'll become a follower.

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Faendal can train you in archery. Buy all five levels of training, then speak to him and say you need to access his inventory. All the gold you gave him for the training will be in there, and you can just take it right back.

You can also get your gold back from non-follower trainers, but you'll have to pickpocket it.

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