Bethesda, Rockstar and PETA are in CVG's Heroes & Villains of the week - 18/11/2011

Our champs and chumps of the past seven days...

We're back to praise more of the good guys from this week's world of gaming news and to ridicule those who haven't been on their best behaviour.

We had an easier time choosing villains this week, which is kind of a shame. But there are still heroes out there, doing good for the gaming world, like making funny Skyrim videos.

Here is our choices from the week's bosses and bastards.


Who: Bethesda
Why: For not bothering to bug-test Skyrim before release


We've seen players catapulted miles into the air, horses attempting flight, face-less characters, and theft from people with baskets over their head. They're all equally hilarious and we can only thank Bethesda for either intentionally leaving these glitches in the game for extra enjoyment or for just not bothering to test the game at all. Whatever the reason, it has kept us entertained in the office. Cheers, Bethesda!

Who: Rockstar Games
Why: For making Max Payne 3 awesome


Okay, so we can't verify that claim just yet, but after releasing the Design & Technology trailer, our excitement levels have gone through the roof. The shooting looks extremely tight and responsive, and the animation and flow of the gun fights just looks beautiful. We're sorry for ever doubting you, Rockstar. We should have known you'd pull it out of the bag. Still... did you really have to make Max bald?

Who: Xbox
Why: For being 10 years old... and awesome


Xbox celebrated its 10th birthday this month and oh how far we've come since. The original Xbox was a fat, hulking and downright ugly black mass. And the controller seemed to have been designed for a giant. But we loved it regardless. The Xbox was the birthplace of Halo, Xbox Live and some other cool stuff that we can't remember. Happy birthday, old chum. Here's to another ten years of Xbox.

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