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Skyrim tales of the 'Rim competition winners

Did you amaze us with your heroic tales of Skyrim adventuring?

On Friday we set you the daunting task of amazing us with your tales of derring-do when we said 'amuse, entertain and enlighten us with your bardic tales of Skyrim splendour'.


We had some splendid official Skyrim goodies up for grabs too, which you can see pictured on this 'ere page, which include T-shirts, posters and postcards.Well we have to say we had great entries, with some intriguing tales on both the site and across Facebook, but after much deliberation, the verdict is finally in and we're pleased to say we have ourselves a winner.

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It's ...Daedalus79, whose portrait of his character Sal'ar a ' mighty level 25 Khajit, whose skill with a Bow is unmatched even by Legolas and Robin of Locksley'. However it was his last paragraph which probably swung it his way.

"In his spare time, Sal'ar enjoys frolicking in the country side and freezing unwitting wildlife such as bunnies and the occasional deer solid with his ice form Thu'um. Sal'ar is currently single as he has yet to workout how to marry anyone, he had a fling with Aela the huntress but had to stop as he could not workout whether having sex with a werewolf counted as bestiality or not."

Runners-up were StokedUp's imperial super thief, 'I thieve from anybody, anywhere,' for his sheer larcenous enthusiasm, as well as Skuullcleaver's Nord Bra'win. who's mini short story was evocative and atmospheric.

So well done to you three, we'll be in touch on PM to confirm the sendings and well done to the rest of you too for some extremely interesting tales of your adventuring. We might do more of these when some more gaming goodies come in if you're up for it?

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